Lowongan Kerja Malang Oktober 2013 Terbaru PT Astra International Tbk

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Lowongan Kerja Malang Oktober 2013 Terbaru PT Astra International Tbk - cermin2013, hari ini memberikan info kepada anda semua tentang loker atau lowongan kerja terbaru bulan Oktober 2013 ini, ada lowongan kerja di PT Astra International Tbk untuk anda lulusan dari pendidikan minimal SMU/Sederajat sebagai Sales Force.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang lowongan kerja ini cek saja berikut ini persyaratan yang diminta oleh perusahaan ini.

PT Astra International Tbk ("Astra or Company") was founded in 1957 as a general trading company based in Jakarta, Indonesia and was initially involved in agricultural trade. Astra is now one of the largest conglomeration business group in Indonesia. It diversified into the manufacture and distribution of automobiles, heavy equipment and components in the late 1960s. It currently has six business divisions: Automotive, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment, Agribusiness, Information Technology, and Infrastructure. In addition to being a holding company, through its own operations and those of its Subsidiaries and Associates, Astra is an integrated automotive business with operations ranging from automotive and component manufacturing, distribution and after-sales services through out the country, car rental, used car sales, consumer finance for automotive products, insurance and infrastructure. The Company has partnerships with some international automotive entities such as Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Isuzu, BMW, Peugeot and Nissan Diesel. Astra adds value to the joint ventures it participates in by supplying valuable local marketing and product development advice as well as extensive experience in distribution. Over the course of its development, the Company has formed strategic alliances with reputable international corporations in its efforts to expand business opportunities such as Komatsu (heavy equipment), Fuji-Xerox (document solution), General Electric (financial services) and CMG (life insurance). As a public company, Astra implements corporate governance practices in carrying out its business. The Company gives a priority in social care activities in the areas of education, welfare, health and small and medium enterprises development and it also actively supports community development. The Company became a publicly listed company on 4th April, 1990, when it listed its shares on the JSX and the SSX. Astra has a diversified shareholder base which includes foreign shareholders with substantial shareholdings. The Company's market capitalization as at 31 December 2005 stood at approximately Rp. 41.3 trillion (USD 4.2 billion) with 4,253 shareholders. Astra Group currently employs 118.700 employees across its businesses.

Sales Force - Malang  - PT Astra International Tbk-Daihatsu Sales Operation

  •     Menjual produk-produk dari Daihatsu
  •     Mencari pelanggan baru
  •     Menjaga eksebisi dan kegiatan Sales lainnya
  • Kandidat harus menyukai kegiatan sales
  • Kandidat harus memiliki sikap yang gigih, tekun, rajin, jujur, pantang menyerah, dan bekerja keras
  • Kandidat harus menyukai tantangan dan dapat bekerja di bawah target
  • Pengalaman sebagai sales dan/atau menyukai dunia otomotif mobil akan menjadi nilai tambah
Telephone No.:

Closing Date: 27-Oct-13
Sekian dari saya tentang Lowongan Kerja Malang Oktober 2013 Terbaru, semoga anda dapat bekerja di perusahaan tersebut.Baca juga Lowongan Kerja Padang Oktober 2013 Terbaru.


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