Lowongan Kerja Medan Oktober 2013 Terbaru PT.TELESINDO MEDIA

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Lowongan Kerja Medan Oktober 2013 Terbaru PT.TELESINDO MEDIA - cermin2013, hari ini memberikan info kepada anda semua tentang loker atau lowongan kerja terbaru bulan Oktober 2013 ini, ada lowongan kerja di PT.TELESINDO MEDIA untuk anda lulusan dari pendidikan minimal SMU/SMK sebagai Supervisor Installer.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang lowongan kerja ini cek saja berikut ini persyaratan yang diminta oleh perusahaan ini.

PT.TELESINDO MEDIA established on August 2008 with confidence to be strategic media for long term potential associate Indonesian market.

PT.TELESINDO MEDIA focusing to be a specialist media for Digital Signage Multimedia Information that brings hi-tech new way to delivered information right on target as quick as possible with the shortest time to fulfill the modern customer needs. As Advertising and Multimedia company, we develop and implementing the new way to organized advertising appearance for new product, marketing strategy, brand positioning, communication strategy, and partnership program. Nowday, the fast information delivery time has been the main concern for market needs and to achieve it must be supported with online computer application system to get maximum result in the operational process. Maximum here is to be effective and efficient for time, power and cost. In this modern day, customers in Indonesian much easier to get product information, latest services, as soon after the related information show up in advertising media. This strategy comes along with our policy which is to make sure that the customer gets the information in the first place. Our Partnership Network is oriented to customer satisfaction by getting the information they need in the quickest time according to our standard operational procedure.

1. Media Solution

 We provide space in advertising multimedia spot on Digital Signage with LCD TV as our media in customers or partners site (e.g. shopping center, minimarket, and supermarket) on strategic spot. So it can open possibility for partners or individual company to put-in information like a product promotion or notice which are played in the LCD over and over again, the main objective is customers inside shopping center or minimarket or supermarket.
This give our partners big advantage, because customer intensively and repeatedly see the advertising makes them know more about the product in store and efficiently the product that show in LCD can be consume as soon as possible by the customers, because its located on selling point.

2. Product Development
Market Development and implementation to the company or new product can be enjoyed by advertising services provider, so partners with small scale can participate in the advertising program, do promotion with multimedia planning and with more professional Graphic Design & Animation to attract customers also to increase company image.
We help to represents value from a product or services provider by using multimedia with success objective can be accept by the market. Customers will be over and over known closely with the new product or service and the product advantage and increasing image can surely give positive result in selling.

Supervisor Installer Cab. Medan  - PT Telesindo Media

  •     Pria, umur 20-27 th
  •     Pendidikan min. SMU/SMK
  •     Pengalaman min. 1th sbg Installer di bidang parabola, satelit, teknik jaringan
  •     Memiliki kendaraan bermotor dan SIM C

Jalan Taman Palem Lestari, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Telephone No.:

Closing Date: 25-Oct-13
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