Lowongan Kerja Dumai Oktober 2013 Terbaru PT Dutapalma Nusantara

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Lowongan Kerja Dumai Oktober 2013 Terbaru PT Dutapalma Nusantara - cermin2013, hari ini memberikan info kepada anda semua tentang loker atau lowongan kerja terbaru bulan Oktober 2013 ini, ada lowongan kerja di PT Dutapalma Nusantara untuk anda lulusan dari pendidikan minimal S1 Akuntansi sebagai Asisten Manager Finance.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang lowongan kerja ini cek saja berikut ini persyaratan yang diminta oleh perusahaan ini.

Established in Jakarta in 1987 through its subsidary PT. Dutapalma Nusantara, PT. Darmex Agro has become one of the largest palm oil cultivation, production, exporting group in Indonesia. As one of the pioneering group of companies, Darmex Agro played an important role in making Indonesia the biggest Palm Oil producing country in the world. Since its inception, the company has expanded rapidly in acquiring lands for palm oil cultivation, establishing mills and refinery to satisfy the world's tremendous demand for the commodity.

Currently, our plantations are located in Riau and Kalimantan. With a total of 8 palm oil mills in Pekanbaru, Jambi and Kalimantan, total production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is around 36,000 Mt each month. A large portion of the produce are being reprocessed at our refineries to create other derivatives such as cooking oil, soap noodle, RBD stearin and PFAD etc.

While Darmex Agro's core business in Palm Oil Mills, Plantation and Refinery, it's portfolio has expanded to include various processing and storage facilities as well as shipping infrastructure. The swift expansion of PT. Darmex Agro in these various fields allows it the extensively integrate the complex processes in supplying high quality palm based derivatives in a timely and efficient manner.
Headquartered in Jakarta, Darmex Agro currently employs more than 13,000 staff in Indonesia.

Asisten Manager Finance (TKP & Dumai Bulking)  - PT Dutapalma Nusantara (Darmex Agro Group)

  •     Melakukan pengecekan laporan jual/ beli/ produksi dan cashflow
  •     Melakukan release atas PDT, PO by SAP
  •     Laporan budget dan realisasi tiap bulan
  •     Pria
  •     Usia 20 - 30 tahun
  •     Pendidikan S1 Akuntansi
  •     Pengalaman di bidang yang sama 2-3 tahun
Telephone No.:

Closing Date: 10-Oct-13

Sekian dari saya tentang Lowongan Kerja Dumai Oktober 2013 Terbaru, semoga anda dapat bekerja di perusahaan tersebut.Baca juga Lowongan Kerja Jayapura Oktober 2013 Terbaru.


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